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I know I've hated on Number 1 Hater before because he's a bafoon, I know. But I actually like this song by him. So for you I have 3 Little Girls by Number 1 Hater.

He says he's doing a documentary, he says he was on MTV... but I've only heard of him because I found his myspace by accident which no longer exists and when you search for "Number 1 Hater" on google nothing comes up for several pages (I haven't looked all that far back).

But maybe dude should at least get a friend who can communicate clearly to write up his web page.

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Album: Evanescence - Origin
DL Link: sendspace.com/file/ji6jhm

I don't know if this is the original "Origin", or the reproduced one. Maybe someone can tell me?
Album Upload: Jay-Z and Linkin Park - Collision Course

Download Link: rapidshare.de/files/22019398/Collision_Course.zip.html