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Rules of the Road:
I.If you wish to join the community, we have to approve you. To be approved, have a livejournal that you actually use. If we bring your journal up and you haven't updated since 1926, it's a no-go for you. Be sure to add us to your friends list as well.
II.Rip all music to at least 128Kbps (preferrably 192). No .wma formats accepted. They are a pain in the ass and too "proprietary." Make a zip of all folders and upload the folders to the preferred servers (list provided below).
III.We welcome artists to share their CDs. Note, however, no outside promotion is permitted. Further, do not give us 30-second clips. Share the entire song and/or CD or don't bother.
IV.When you request something, put "Request" in your subject line and then list what you want. You must also give a CD with each request you make. The best way to make everyone happy is to make a list of CDs you are willing to share. Microsoft Excel is your friend! Don't disable comments. If someone asks you down the line to repost a link to a CD that has expired, please help them out. And if you're the person who is asking, please have something to offer as well.
V.Set a clean table. Bold words like "request," "download," "my music list" etc. Keep it orderly so we can get in, grab what we need, offer something, and get out. Sloppiness will cause your post to be rejected. Also, tracklistings must be under a cut.
VI.Don't be a bitch. If you don't like someone's music, keep it to yourself. You are warned about comments.
VII.Post as often as you can. If we don't hear from you for a month, you're gone. If you can't find the time to post, you don't have the time to download. You wouldn't be here if you don't love music as much as the rest of us. Give and take, people.
VIII.Have fun. Make friends. Share music.

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